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Visit Our Downtown Maple Ridge Liquor Store


The Haney Liquor Store has been serving downtown Maple Ridge for over 25 Years and we still have one of the Frostiest Beers in the Downtown Core.

Our Goal is to give you Friendly, Trustworthy Customer service but at the same time giving you the same prices that Government Liquor Stores do!

We have a Huge Selection of Specialty Beers, Wines and Hard Liquor. Come visit us today to get stocked up with your favourite beverages.

This Month’s Haney Liquor Store Specials

We’ve got GREAT pricing on 6 select Halloween Bombers (650ml)

– Red Racer’s, Swan’s, AND Steamworks’ “Pumpkin Ale”
– Red Arrow’s “Blackberry Invasion Lager”
– Category 12’s “Zombie Repellant Ale”
– Dead Frog’s “Weeping Reaper Blood Orange Helles Bock”

ALL PRICED at an amazing $4.95 (+Tax & Dep) while supplies last.