Man Vs Wings Challenge

Haney Pub

Man Vs Wings Challenge

Think Your Tough enough to survive Chef Ryan’s Hot Suace? Then try our Wing Challenge!

Here are the Rules

1. Our Hot Sauce is so Crazy we need you to sign a Waiver, you can get this from your server.
2. The Wing price is the regular price for wings. You do not get them for 12 cents on Thursdays or any other promotional deals we have going.
3. You have 3 minutes to eat the wings, and 2 minutes to sit there and feel the burn. NO NAPKINS, NO DRINKS OF ANY KIND while the wing challenge is going on (the entire 5 minutes).
4. If you win, you get them for free and get your picture taken, which is put up on the wall of flame. The winner is allowed to write something on their picture.

Good Luck Everyone